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Tammies review . Not Leaving (Parker Siblings #2)Not Leaving by Leigh Ann Lunsford
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Well Leigh Ann has done it again. One hell of a story here. I thought after reading about Brielle and Colby in Not Enough that I couldnt love her books more than Not Enough. Well hell I was wrong!! This story of Addy and Tyler has got me by the heart. Not Leaving will leave you wanting more of Leigh Ann Lunsford's books.

Tyler screwed up telling Addy he was breaking up with her again. He did it once before college and now again. Only this time he opens his mouth and inserts foot. Addy tells him shes pregant. All Tyler can say is "fix it." So Addy does what she thinks is best and moves on with her life and her babies. Tyler thinks she ended the pregnancy when she tells him there in no baby. They were 6 months from being married and 10 years into the relationship. Tyler leaves town for 11 months. He returns to find out there is not 'a' baby, but 2 and he is hell bent on getting his family back. He screwed up once when he and Addy were apart thru college and a girl told him she was pregnant and lied saying it was his. He got the paternity test and it proved her a liar. That scared the crap out of having any kids of his own. He made up his mind he didnt want any. He was afraid because he never told Addy about it. Now he has to pay for what he has done. She told him the night he left there was no coming back and she was serious. Addy is with Mitch now and she isnt in love with him but he is dealing with his own past but yet he has offered to help Addy with the girls. She cant hurt him but she doesnt love him. If it wasnt for Cambree he would have never known about his daughters. Cambree is a mess, but hes grateful she sent him the text. Brielle doesnt even know the truth about the babies. Addy has kept the truth from her own sister to whom she is so close too. Tyler has screwed up! Wait till little miss firecracker herself, Brielle, gets ahold of his ass. Well Tyler is hell bent on being a father to those babies and no one is going to stop him from doing that if he has his way!

One of my favorite parts of Not Enough was the fact the Tyler uses "S" words to describe Brielle to Colby and has yet again come up with using "S" words yet again describing his own situtation with them. Tyler described Brielle to Colby as being sassy smart, stubborn, and a smartass!

Addy is more like Brielle now-a-days. She has become a mother and a little firecracker like her sister. She doesnt put up with anyones crap. Tyler has told Addy he needs a crash course in being a father this even boils her blood even more at him. Addy is still guarding her heart now after Tyler leaving her before and she just cant trust him yet. Will Addy ever let her walls down and let Tyler back in? She is so afraid he will leave again and she doesnt want her heart to go thru that hurt pain a fourth time around. She has her girls to think of and they come first no matter what.

Cambree want to go to a different college, UGA, than Brielle and make a name for herself. With Brielle having a name for being the best cheerleader in college Cambree wants to make her own name now and not follow in Brielles shadow. Not that she isnt grateful for Brielle and Addy raising her, but Cambree feels she needs to do this. But she is afraid of what Dustin will do or say. Her and Dustin are so close in age and with Dustin going on self destructing path right now and if she leaves what will happen to him? She is so curious to what happened to Brielle that she just wants Addy and Brielle to just come out with it and stop trying to shelter her and Dustin. Dustin thinks Addy and Brielle are just being control freaks. Cambree has met Max, Mitch's brother that came to live with Mitch to go to UT to study, and is seeing him now. Or does he go to UT? She has fallen in love with Max and thinks going to a different college than him she feels the farther away from him the better, since he was a player and she was putty in his hands. She handed him her virginity on a silver platter.Once she found out he slept with one of her friends,Kamryn, she lets Max go. They dont have "awkard meetings where she wants to claw his eyes out but she still want to mount him like and bull and ride him for 8 seconds." (another quote from the story) Addy has forgotten about Max and moved on. Or has she forgotten about him? Shes hoping now that she has met Adam and they are going to school together her relationship with Adam will grow and have feelings for Adam like she had for Max. Will she or is her heart set with Max? Will Adam fill the void or will she let him go also? Where is Max fitting in here now? You'll be surprised!!

Mitch has some secrets of his own and has to keep them to himself. He loves the Parker siblings more than ever but there is the secret. He finally tells his secret to Kayleigh. He was afraid she wouldnt want him after he told her. But Kayleigh told him her secret first and this is what moved Mitch to open up to her. What is his secret? What is Kayleigh's secret? Where will they go from here?

Now Dustin the youngest of the Parkers is on a emotional roller coaster. He has gone wild. Drinking, partying and pretty much being a "manwhore." Brielle and Addy havent seen much of this since Tyler and Colby and Cambree kept it from them so they wouldnt be hurt.
Dustin has created a fiasco by inviting their parents to Cambree's graduation party. Guess who else comes to the party uninvited also.
you have got to read this one to find out the story has taken a turn that will totally shock you. Dustins choices have now hurt everyone and he doesnt know why. But when he finds out its too late. He is forced into something he doesnt want. Its now his turn to step up to the plate and make a sacrifice for his family. What is it? You'll be shocked!!

You have got to read this story. It is so full of emotion that is just beyond belief! The Parker siblings sage lives on and you have read Colby and Brielles story and now you know Tylers and Addys story. You have read about Mitch, Kayleigh and Dustin and Cambree. This story had me laughing and in tears and then pissed off. I cant tell you how much I enjoy this series. Leigh Ann Lunsford has a GREAT series here and you will love it too. Whos story is next in the series could it be Cambree? Dustin? Max? or Mitch and Keyleigh's story? Which ever it is it will be excellent! The plot is getting thicker now and it has me wanting the next book in this series and its going to be a good one guarunteed!

Its gets a 5+ stars from me. Hell I would give it a 10 if I could. You will love the Parkers and their story.

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