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SloaneI'm not proud of the things I've done. The things I've had to do. The things I've given away. but I'd give it all over again to find her.Even if i die trying, I have to find Alexis.Zeth She wants me to help her, But I won't. She wants me to save her sister, But I can't. She wants me to be her hero, But I'm not a good man. I am her damnation.
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“You’re sick, you know that?” I say into the darkness. A soft rustling sound greets me, followed by the shift of movement. Yes, the lights are off but the corridor is lit behind me so it’s not like last time. I can see enough to make out the looming figure that slowly paces toward me. “I know I’m not normal, if that’s what you mean.” A terrible devil’s mask appears before me, two feet away; Zeth is dressed entirely in black, the suit he wears obviously a thing of beauty even in the half light. His dark eyes shine from within the mask, sharp and hungry. “You’ve surprised me, Sloane. I like being surprised,” he rumbles. “Well you’ve surprised me, too. Although I can’t say the feeling is mutual.” He laughs, his voice so deep and powerful I can feel it in the soles of my feet. “You should open up a little. You never know what you might enjoy until you try it.” “I know exactly what I enjoy, Zeth, and standing around watching fifty naked people grind on each other isn’t it.” The eyes behind his mask flicker with annoyance when I say his name. He stalks toward me and reaches out, tracing his fingertips across my jawline. He seems pensive, intrigued by my stillness—I can’t freaking move—as he touches my skin. “If you don’t like watching, Sloane, you can always join in.”

About The Author:

Callie Hart is a bagel eating, coffee drinking denizen of the greatest city on this earth. Born in Colorado, she moved to The Big Apple to study and undertake the Bar exam, and in the meantime she wrote this book! She lives on a ridiculously high floor in a way-too expensive building with her fiancé and their pet goldfish, Neptune. Deviant is the first instalment in her Blood and Roses series. The next instalment, Fracture, is scheduled to be released in April. Stalk the Author: Facebook: Goodreads: Twitter:    

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Win a Kindle Paperwhite or GC of same value, a Signed paperback of Deviant or one of 4 Deviant bookmarks! a Rafflecopter giveaway   Tammie's Review of Deviant by Callie Hart *********Erotic as Hell!********** I beta read this for Callie and so glad I was able to get my hands on it before before it came out.The cover is hot along with the characters in the book. This was one smoking hot book from the very begining!! Callie Harts Deviant is off the charts with hot eroticism! I was on the edge of hot and steamy all the way thru the book. The way this is written is so believable. This crap can actually be true in the world today. How far would you go to find a loved one that has been missing for 6 months? Most people would do just about anything and in this story Sloane does. She gives her only ace in the hole up. Her V-card! Sloane Romera is still young and a fifth year med student. She has been searching for her sister Lex for 6 months. She hires a PI and he has a different way for her to pay for his services. "Sometimes money just isnt enough to buy what your looking for,sweetheart. Sometime it takes a little more...persuasion to buy information like this. I tell you what..I'll shat what I know in return for a little favor." Sloane will do anything to find her sister. But today is different. Its dark,intense and above all a little more than she expected. Zeth is tall,strong facial features,a little squared jaw, nose mostly straight apart from a slightly flattened part near the ridge of of his brow, long eyelashes and his lips are full and way softer that any guys lips have a right to be. He has scars on his abs a couple inches apart. Theres a untold history of violence here. Hes hot and a voice Sloane wont forget. Zeth and Sloane hook up after he drops off Lacey at the hospital, where Sloane is now a doctor at, after another one of Laceys sucide attempts. Sloane knows she has seen him before and finally the pieces fall in place. She goes to Zeths apartment/play house to pick up her phone that Lacey took with her from the hospital. Sloane is about to have the most erotic and sensual experience shes never thought she would participate in. And Zeth is having the party. One she had no idea he was having. After her encounter with Zeth and the party he discovers that he knows something about her sister. From here they both become more attracked to each other. A attraction neither of them had planned. Zeth is hot as hell and Sloane is determined as hell to find her sister. Will Zeth find Lex and will he help Sloane find her? How far will their attraction go? I could not put this book down once I started it. It started off hot and ended hot!! This book is very erotic! If you love an erotic story with a good flow and a great story line then this book is for you. I gave it a full 5 stars. It held me captive from the begining and has a very unique storyline to it. Is it a cliffhanger? Sort of. Once you read it the cliffhanger is not bad and the book leaves you wanting more ZETH!! Great book Callie Hart!

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