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Soul-Mates Forever (Forever, #3)Soul-Mates Forever by Vicki Green
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow! I loved this book. I read this first before My Savior Forever and Together Forever. The sexy hot cover model Rob Anthony, caught my eye so I had to read it. Now that I have read this I HAVE TO READ THE OTHER 2 BOOKS OF THE SERIES!! Yep it was that good!

The story is about Paxton Davenport. She comes from a very wealthy backgorund. She is a beautiful model. She has beautiful long blonde hair and natural highlights that everyone wants their hair like hers. She has a set of parents that want nothing to do with her unless its to further their own needs in their own social standings. Her parents have never really treated her like their child. They were always gone and so Jonesy became more her father than her own. She has a hair stylist, Marcus, that is gayer than gay and has the best sense of humor. Her best friend Allie has just recently married her best friend Shane back in Kansas. Shane owns the bar he works at and is also a member of the Band Razers Edge along with Tucker Williams.

Tucker Williams has had a rough life. Grew up with "druggie" parents and his father died of a drug overdose. His mother was sent to prison for her role in the drugs. He met up with a bad drug dealer,Darndage, and helped to send the man away to prison. From then on he has decided to clean his life up and work with Shane as a tattoo artist and designer and is in the band with Shane. Razers Edge.
Tucker can be cocky as hell and hes HOT! The tatoos's on his muscular arms and his shoulder length black hair and has every woman after him in a fifty mile radius.

"Pax" met this "hot sexy rocker" dude at Allies wedding. Everyman she has ever know has always wanted nothing but to have her "V-card. She isnt about to give it up til she meets a man that will love her, cherish her and protect her and be her Soul Mate! And Tucker is bound and determined to be her Soul Mate.

Tucker met Paxton at his best mates wedding and has his eyes set on Paxton, his "Beauty. He has tried to get her attention and Paxton isnt about to let the thick walls she has built around her heart.

Will Paxton ever let her walls down for Tucker, a sexy hot rocker? You gotta read this! Will Tucker ever get his "beauty? You have to read this!! You have to read the story between Tucker and Paxton how their love holds them together thru all the bad things they endure together.

My favorite quote from the book, "Please make me a women tonight. Make me your woman. You have my heart, now take my soul."
That quote alone should make you want to read this book. Loved the sex in the book. Its so hot and erotic.

I gave this 5 stars for the love I felt between Tucker and Paxton. Tucker is so absorbed with Paxton and is the sweetest man walking and cherishes her dearly. She is his Soul Mate Forever. Paxton is so overwhelmed for the love she has for Tucker, her sexy rocker, her Soul Mate Forever. The story is so erotic and so full of love between them. I loved it!! Soul Mates Forever can be read as a stand alone novel but I plan on reading the first 2 books of the series to get a better feel for their friends and a feel for the love everyone shares in the story. If you want to read a story about a Beauty and a sexy hot rocker dude. This is it!!

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