Thursday, February 13, 2014

Six Brothers (Gypsy Brothers, #2)Six Brothers by Lili St. Germain
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

WOW Talk about SWEET Revenge!!
Lili St. Germain has done it again. Another 5 star book. If you have a weak stomach dont read this. It has revenge, sex, abuse and death. Its dark, Intense as hell,and hot as hell!!
I dont know where she comes up with her storylines but I have to commend her uniqueness on them. Theres no one that can come up with more ways than one to kill an MC biker than Sammi.

In this second book of the series Sammi has her next victim on her list of the six brothers. She realised who it was while attending the funeral of Chad. At the gravesite she found Maxi pissing on her past! Juliette Portland's grave. She seen her own grave as she was leaving the funeral to find Maxi pissing on it. Its a toss up between 2 of the brothers now. One who wants to stick his dick in her besides Dornan or one that just pisses her off and is the next in line of her abusers

Sammi vowed not to make the same mistakes her father did. But being in bed with Dornan as he pumps her with his rage and grief she has to wonder if she heading down the same path that led to her families destruction years ago.

She has called in Elliot to help her with her next round of revenge. Elliot is not one bit happy with her plans, after saving her once from Dornan he dont want to do it again. Elliot gives her what she asked for and another gift. A phone with his number in it "Tattoo Guy" and a playlist Sammis revenge playlist! She tells Elliot she doesnt need his pity and he replies its not pity,"Its love." He has told her now and that he'll never give up on her.

Sammi tells in this book all the different ways she has tried to escape her past and the nightmares. All the different ways she has tried to end her life and never succeeded til she finally realised she has something to live for after her visit with the doctor who changed her appearance. Vengeance plain and simple.

Sammi's relationship deepens with Jase in this story and vice versa. Jase saves her this time from the devil himself, Dornan, after the funeral. After Dornan decides to take his anger out on her this time.

Who does Sammi want to make pay for their sins and take out next? Which brother wants to be next to go in her plot of vengeance? You gotta read this to find out. Sammi is more determined now and her plans are falling into place. This book held my captive all the way thru it and it is VERY WELL WRITTEN and very intense. I loved it! Each book in this series just gets more intense, dark and deadly.

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