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Book: Touched
Author: Vicki Green
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Jade Morley was not your average stripper. Her rules. Her way. No sex. Touching only. 

D.J. Sexy Lady by day, Stripper Angel by night, her life became one with no emotions, no heart and no soul until one night he walked in.

Knox Dunway has one thing. Money. Women throw themselves at him every day and he takes what he wants, when he wants but there’s no feeling, no love and no commitment. He wants more. Growing tired of trying to find ‘the one’ he walks into a strip club one night and everything changes.

Will Jade ever give in to her heart or will her survivor instincts always win?

*Due to strong language and sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

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About the author:
Vicki Green

Vicki Green grew up in Overland Park, Kansas and currently resides in Olathe, Kansas. Along with her husband and two teenage boys, she shares her home with her cocker spaniel's Shadow and Mocha. She has been working full time at the same Company for 35 years. Her life has been filled with the most loving and caring parents, who are both gone now but are still in her heart and mind daily.

Vicki enjoys reading Romance books which is what inspired her to begin writing this book. She has always admired Author's dedication and hard work. She had a dream that played out for over a year, came home one day after work and decided to put it on a word document to see how it read and that became 'My Savior Forever', the beginning of her Forever Series.

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Tammies Review: Touched (Touched series #1)Touched by Vicki Green
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

****I beta read this for Vicki****

Touched by Vicki Green is your perfect HEA!! A perfect love story! I loved the characters in the book and how each of them were described. You'll fall in love with Knox and Jade in this book.

Jade a stripper, Angel, by night and a DJ, Sexy lady by day. She has her rules. NO SEX and touching only. She was shunned by her parents by an unfortunate issue at young age and was forced to make her own way and this was the easiest way to make her living. Beautiful woman with a body and a face of an Angel as Knox puts it.

Knox a very wealthy business man with his own company. He has had too many women in his past since he is so wealthy they throw themselves at him. He is tired of it and wants more. A women to settle down with and a family. One night he walks into the strip club and one face changes him. His Angel! He knows what he wants and he wants her no matter what. And whatever he has to do to have her he is willing to do and sparing no expense.

Is it Jade he wants to fullfil his needs? Will Jade give into her independence and let him into her heart? Will she be enough for him with all the women throwing themselves at him since hes so wealthy?

You have got to read this very TOUCHING story. Jade and Knox will grab your heart here. I loved how Vicki Green has described this man and I wish there was a man out there just like him for every woman that deserves him. I gave it 5 stars for holding my interest in the book and didnt want to put it down just to see how strong Jade and Knox's love really is. Perfect HEA! You'll love it.

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